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Etude House Color Lips-Fit Review and Swatches

Hey guys! I’m back with another review. I don’t know about you guys but I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. Although they can be drying and uncomfortable, I still love the super matte and intense pigmentation they offer.

Etude House Color Lips Fit Review+ Swatches


So, I had some of these Etude House liquid lipsticks  for a while now and I don’t know what took me so long to review them. Without further ado, let’s get started!

(I have already done a review on their Rosy Tint Lips, please click here if you are interested.)

Etude House Color Lips Fit Review + Swatches


They are from their 2014 Spring collection and come in 7 different vibrant shades and a clear lip gloss.

Etude House Color Lips Fit Review +Swatches


This is a revolutionary liquid type Lipstick that moistly glides onto lips with its vivid color and finishes off with a weightless powdery texture. 


This is a revolutionary 2-in-1 Lip Gloss with a non-sticky texture, providing a priming effect before lipstick and moist coating effect after lipstick to express vivid and shiny lips.


1.Shake well before use.

2.Apply smoothly with tip. Lightly dab onto center of lips for gradation. Delicately apply for full cover.

3.Apply a layer of Color Lips-fit WH901 after color for moist gloss. 


As Undercoat: Apply onto clean lips. Apply desired color of Color Lips-fit. More natural gradation lips possible when applied onto center of lower lips. 
As Topcoat: After Color Lips-fit is completely dry (Approximately 60 seconds after application) apply a layer for light and clear gloss.

(Taken From here)


Etude House Color Lips Fit Review (Packaging)

It comes in cute plastic bottle that almost look nail polishe to me. And of course pink packaging- Etude House’s trademark. They never disappoint me with their pretty packagings. It’s light and easy to carry around or throw in your purse.

Etude House Color Lips Fit Review &amp; Swatches

The doe foot applicator enables it to acheive precise and even application. The bottle is transparent so you can see the color which I find it very convenient. Although, I would say that some of them aren’t very true to color. For example: (OR202) Wanna Fit Orange looks like a very bright orange in the bottle but when applied, it looks more like a neon coral.


Just like it’s claim, it has a glossy or almost wet consistency but once it dries, it dries to a powdery matte finish. I absolutely love the finish because it’s completely matte and it feels very light on the lips like I have nothing on my lips. The finish is quite similar to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams (You can read more about them here) but this is more drying and a little bit more heavy when compared however it is definitely more matte which I am all about.


It is highly pigmented and opaque. Some of them even look neon on me.


It has a velvet matte finish and it is drying. If you have very dry/chapped lips, I wouldn’t recommend them as it can be very drying. It accentuates dry patches on lips and settle on every little lines you have. So, I really recommend you to exfoliate and moisturise your lips beforehand. Nevertheless, my lips doesn’t crack throughout the day which some liquid lipsticks do. FYI – my lips are very chapped no matter what season however if I exfoliate and moisturize beforehand, it works just fine.

Lasting Ability

They are pretty long-lasting. Although, they do not claim, it is transfer and smudge-proof which is a huge plus for me. You can build it up or do touchups without any problems.

WH901 Petti & Top Coat

The clear lip gloss is amazing. It can be used both under and over these liquid lipsticks. It is not sticky and doesn’t feel very heavy on the lips. It doesn’t have any shimmers or glitters in it. It’s great to have one in your collecion as you can transform any matte lipsticks into lipglosses without having to buy lip glosses for every shades you want. This is perfect for me as I am not really a fan of lip glosses.

P.S: it is a true clear gloss but it turned slightly pink because I usually pair it with a pink lipstick.


PK002 Silhouette Fit Pink 

Etude House Color Lips Fit Silhouette Fit Pink

Etude House Color Lips Fit Silhouette Fit Pink

OR202 Wanna Fit Orange

Etude House Color Lips Fit Wanna Fit Orange Review

Etude House Color Lips Fit Wanna Fit Orange Swatch

PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink

Etude House Color Lips Fit Fantasy Fit Pink Review

Etude House Color Lips Fit Fantasy Fit Pink Swatch

WH901 Petti & Top Coat

Etude House Color Lips Fit Petti &amp; Top Coat Review

Etude House Color Lips Fit Petti &amp; Top Coat Swatch

Etude House Color Lips Fit Swatches


  • Highly pigmented
  • Quite long-lasting
  • Transfer and smudge-proof
  • Has a range of vibrant shades
  • Buildable and can do touch-ups
  • Has a matte velvety finish
  • Afforable ($11.70 at Etude House)
  • Cute Packaging
  • Sweet fruity scent


  • Drying
  • Accentuates dry patches and lines.

My Verdict:

Well, it has it’s pros and cons. Personally, I really like them as they feel very light on the lips. I can stand any lipsticks that are drying but what I really hate is the heavy feeling that some lipsticks give. Since they feel just like my lips, I love them so much.

I know that it is drying but it is acceptable since it is a liquid lipstick. If you exfoliate and moisturise well, you can make it work. However, you might not like them if you hate drying liquid lipsticks.

I even did a makeup tutorial using one of these. Please check out if you haven’t already. You can already head over to my Instagram for more makeup looks.

Have you tried it? What are yours thoughts on it? What’s your current favorite liquid lipsticks? Let me know in the comments box below. 

Thank you much for reading 💕 I hope you enjoy it and found it helpful. Make sure to like, follow my blog and Instagram to get sneakpeaks of my new posts.

I love you all so much. Hope you are all stay happy and healthy. ❤

Disclaimer: The products mentioned were all bought with my own money and as always, the opinions expressed are all my honest opinions.

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