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My Top 5 Spring Lipsticks 2016

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Hi everyone!

The weather is getting warmer!! I don’t know about you guys but since I live in a very hot and humid country, I kind of miss winter. Anyway, when it comes to spring, it’s all about looking fresh. It’s such a fun season to experiment with different colors. So, I decided to share my top 5 favorite lipsticks for spring. We only have 3 seasons in our country but who cares?? I’m going to enjoy my own spring. 😀

1. Etude House Color Lips-fit in Wanna Fit Orange

Coral is s  universal spring color. It’s bright and fun! This Etude House’s liquid lipstick is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. It dries to a complete matte finish and doesn’t smudge or budge throughout the entire day. It’s perfect for both day and night out looks.

2. Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy in Infamous

For pink fans out there, this is the perfect shade for you. It’s not that bold but certainly not the boring pink that you might have in your collection. It’s bright enough for spring! It’s so moisturizing and long-lasting as well. I recently used this in my spring makeup tutorial check out if you haven’t already.

3. Etude House Color-In-Lipstick in Orange In Pop

Of course, the list wouldn’t be completed without a bold red lipstick right? If you are afraid to try red lipsticks, definitely check this out. It’s a very bright orange red lipstick. It’s perfect for people with warm undertone like me. It leaves a satin finish on the lips and is so comfortable to wear.

4. NYX Liquid Suede In Orange Country

This orange shade is the brightest orange I have in my collection. It’s almost like a neon color. This is so bright and such a playful color to wear for those days when you feel a bit funky. The pigmentation is out of this world however the formula isn’t my favorite.

5. Etude House Color-In-Liquid Lipstick in Purple In Friday

Want to go for something bolder? Try this warm purple liquid lipstick from Etude House. It’s so bold and fun-perfect for spring.


Although the title suggests “lipsticks”, most of them are liquid lipsticks. Well, what can I do xD I’m a liquid lipstick junkie. Anyways,  thank you so much for reading my post! ❤ I hope you guys enjoy it and found it helpful. Make sure you follow me on Instagram.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx Carrie


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