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February Favorites 2016

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Hey guys! So, today I will be sharing with you, my favorite beauty products during the month of February. These are the products I love and use non-stop for the whole month. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to share how much I love them so let’s jump right to it.


The Balm Bahama Mama

The Balm Bahama Mama

This is the perfect bronzer for people who love contouring. Unlike typical bronzers, it’s a bit more cool-toned which makes it perfect for contouring. It’s long-lasting as well. I’ve already done a detailed review about it. Check out here if you are interested.

Nature Republic California Aloe Power Lasting Sun Block

Nature Republic California Aloe Sun Block

This is very hydration which makes it blends to the skin so easily. The consistency is not too thick or too thin. It’s just perfect! It’s pretty long-lasting however not as waterproof and long-lasting as The Face Shop power long lasting sun cream. Regardless, I love it. It’s cheaper and more moisturizing than it. So, for the price, it’s definitely worth it.

Benefit Bella Bamba

Benefit Bella Bamba

I bought this mini-size just to try it out since the benefit box blushes are so popular. It’s a very pretty light pink with teeny-tiny gold shimmers. It’s just sooooo pretty. It has a very nice fruity scent as well. I love it so much. Although I’m not sure if I will buy the full size of this shade, I’m sure I will buy more shades because I need them in my life.

Too faced Love Flush Long-lasting 16-hour blush (Love Hangover)

Too Faced Love Flush Love Hangover Blush

I don’t know about 16 hrs since I haven’t tested but I lasted me all day long without fading. This is definitely more long-lasting than the benefit blush. It’s highly pigmented and super long-lasting. I even used it in my Valentine’s day makeup tutorial a while ago. Again, I bought this just to try out. Although I might not buy the full size of this shade, I’m 100% sure that I will buy a blush from this line. So, maybe another shade. That doesn’t mean I don’t love this shade. I absolutely love it, it’s a warm pink which compliments my warm undertone. I just want to get more shades from this line.

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing Liner

As the name suggested, it’s hyper sharp which makes it easier to get the perfect winged liner. Ever since I got this, I ignored all the other liners I have and used it non-stop for the whole month. It’s definitely more expensive than other drugstore pen liners but it’s worth the money.

That’s it guys! Those are my favorite babies during the past month. I only share products that I really love and used a lot; hence I only have 5 products to share with you guys.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post. Thank you so much for taking the time. Love you all so much ❤ Make sure you follow me on Instagram

What are your favorite beauty products for February? If you guys want me to do a review on any of the products mentioned, let me know in the comments below.


Disclaimer: All the products mentioned were purchased with my own money. As always, the opinions expressed are all my honest opinions.


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