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10 Amazing Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Are you not happy that you can barely see your eyelid when you look straight into the mirror? Are you trying your hardest to get the makeup looks you see on Pinterest but fail because of your folds? Well, these tips will help you girls out there. I have hooded eyes and I’ve been using these tricks to make my eyes look more open and bigger. Well, who says you can’t do a particular eye makeup just because you have a particular eye shape? We all can do it BUT with some tricks. I’m going to be sharing with you guys tricks that I’ve been using and collecting for the past couple of months. Are you guys ready?


#1 Shape your brows with an arch.

You want your eyes to look lifted right? Arched brows can instantly lift up your eyes.

#2 Be careful when you highlight your brow bones.

 I’m not saying you can’t use them, you definitely can but it emphasizes the fold that you already have and makes your eyes look even more hooded especially shimmery highlight. So, be careful not to apply too much.

#3 Use shimmery/light eye shadows shades on eyelid.

While skipping shimmery shadows for brow bones, use it for your eye lids instead. Using light eye shadow shades like white or beige make the eyelid stand out and appear larger.

#4 Do a cut-crease.

Doing a cut-crease on hooded eyes is tricky but with much practice you can definitely do it. Create a fake crease and say goodbye to hoodies. I actually did a double cut-crease in the photo above.

#5 Don’t blend your crease color with your transition shade completely.

When blending the crease color, I usually do it by using a transition shade and whenever I do that, my eyes look more puffy just like applying highlighter to my brow bones. So, the trick is to apply the transition shade right after you prime your eyes so that blending your crease shade will become a breeze and your eyes will look less hooded.

#6 Don’t choose eyelashes that have so much volume and length.

I know… I feel you. I always envy those girls on Instagram who can pull of those thick lashes. Whenever I try it on myself, I always end up covering all the hard work that I’ve done on my eye makeup. When I wear super long lashes, they always touch the skin on my eyes which is annoying and doesn’t look so nice. Well, that’s just my personal experience. Every eye shapes are different. Even when you have hooded eyes, who knows? You might be able to pull of those beautiful dramatic lashes.

#7 Apply make up on your lower lash lines.

We tend to neglect our lower lashes and don’t apply makeup on lower lash lines. Apply some mascaras and lower lash makeup. Your eyes will definitely look bigger and wider. Show some love to your lower lash lines.

#8 Extend everything out.

Whether it’s your eye makeup or your eyeliner wings, always extend everything out and upwards. That way, your eyes will look more lifted and extended. We all want that. Don’t we?

#9 Use double eyelid tapes.

double eyelid tape

If you don’t know what they are, basically they are what people with mono eyelids use to create a crease. Even if you have eyelids, you can use eyelid tapes to make your eye lids appear higher and lifted. When you look straight to the front, people can’t really tell that you are using them. I didn’t even use falsies so that you guys can see it properly.

#10 Tight line your eyes or line your eyes half way only.

This is the trick that Asians use to make their eyelid appear bigger. When you tight line your eyes, you won’t cover any bit of your eyelid while making your lashes looking fuller. You can always line your eyes half way only to make sure you don’t cover too much of your eyelids or line as close to your lash line as possible. I always do that and it makes my eyelid appear larger making my hoods become smaller.


That’s it for today guys! Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. Remember that we are all born with beautiful eyes but if you want to amp them up you can use these tips.


Do have any other tips? Share them in the comments box below. Sharing is caring. J


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Hope you all have an amazing day. – xoxo Carrie ❤


2 thoughts on “10 Amazing Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

  1. Those are great tips to follow! I have hooded eyes so I know the struggle. Every time I try to do a cateye with liquid eyeliner, I end up looking like a 5 year’s old got to their mom’s makeup bag lol. I love this post! 👍😊 Ps, I think you might have one word too many in your 6th tip title.

    Liked by 1 person

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